Transport and Mobility Forum

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The Transport & Mobility Forum, Cork (TMF) is a representative group of organisations who have a common interest in sustainable and active travel. TMF fully support sustainable modes of travel measures and policies. Sustainable and Active Travel helps reduce congestion on our roads, supports a low carbon economy, reduces noise and air pollution, improves public health and quality of life.

Mission: to increase the number of people travelling through sustainable and active travel in Cork.


  1. Improve the quality of environments through which people travel.
  2. Broaden accessibility for people to travel more frequently through sustainable and active travel means, and
  3. Change the culture/mind-set in favour of sustainable and active travel.


  • Provide a networking opportunity for stakeholders to coordinate sustainable and active travel projects, programmes and services
  • Influence travel infrastructure and policy at the national, regional and local levels
  • Advertise/promote options for sustainable and active travel in and around Cork
  • Support and promote sustainable and active travel events in Cork

TMF adopts a non-sectoral approach and consists broadly of the following representative groupings:

  • Advocacy groups for various forms of transportation, sustainable travel initiatives and health e.g Cork Cycling Campaign, Cork Environmental Forum, Green Schools,
  • Public transport providers,
  • Relevant staff from the public and third sector at a local, regional and national level, and
  • Interested representatives from the private sector.

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