Aims and Role

The Aims of the Transport & Mobility Forum are to:

  • Provide a Forum for dialogue which facilitates sustainable travel for people in Cork.
  • Advocate for policy that progresses outcomes such as improved public transport services, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure etc.
  • Seek to broker linkages between actors in the transport sector and assist coordination between programmes, projects and services.
  • Support the implementation of National Policy e.g. Smarter Travel at a local level.


The Role of the Transport & Mobility Forum is to:

  • Promote and support more sustainable forms of travel including walking, cycling, public transportation, carpooling/ car sharing.
  • Provide an interface between users of sustainable transport and the transport infrastructure providers and policy makers.
  • Provide networking and coordination between various groups and organisations within Cork City and County with an interest or role in travel/ transportation issues
  • Positively influence policy formulation and policy improvements regarding sustainable travel at a local, regional and national level.
  • Identify key barriers to the provision of sustainable travel and look for solutions to address these barriers through coordinated actions.
  • Assist organisations which organise events that promote sustainable travel e.g. mobility week.

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