PARK(ing) Day CORK 2014


Transport & Mobility Forum, Cork invites you to participate in…

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PARK(ing) Day CORK 2014

Deadline for proposals extended to Friday 29th August 2014

What is it?

PARK(ing) Day is an annual worldwide event where artists, designers, community groups and citizens transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks. For the first time Cork will take part in PARK(ing) Day on Friday 19th September 2014.


Car parking spaces take up lots of room in the city’s street scape, in both city centre and suburban streets. Often this goes along with the absence of urban “green”, vegetation of any kind (trees, shrubs, flower pots etc.), making streets appear to consist mostly of tarmac, concrete and brick, designed primarily for serving flowing motor traffic or parked cars.

It is Cork City & County Council’s policy to better promote active travel modes of cycling and walking, manifested in the City Centre Movement Strategy (CCMS) or the Cork Walking Strategy. A mode shift away from private cars to more cycling and walking would contribute to:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality;
  • Promote public health through more physical activity and;
  • Local businesses would benefit from more footfall (on two feet or two wheels) on city streets, also outside the immediate City Centre.

Better use of urban space

The appearance of streets as places to walk, stroll or just ‘hang out’ can be improved by alternative uses of the areas that now serve as car parking spaces. The street can become a “place” when there is a tree, a bit of green, like shrubs, flowers, a bench etc. Walking could be facilitated through a more inviting “look” for pedestrians; cyclists might avail of some extra bike stands in these places. Public life of all sorts would be encouraged if the street would be a more inviting place for people to be in, other than being a transient person behind the windscreen of a car, or just rushing through as quickly as possible on foot.

Facilitate public life / improve public realm

The competition entails the design of a temporary installation to showcase options of improving the public realm, with the long term goal of eventually converting a number of car spaces and other identified unused street space in selected locations on a permanent basis.

Who can take part?

Open to all individuals and groups, but might be of particular interest to the following:

  • Garden Designers and Centres
  • Architects/Landscape Architects
  • Urban Designers
  • Community Groups
  • Bike Shops
  • Artists
  • Sustainable Travel Organisations
  • Budding Designers!

We welcome individuals and group collaborations.

The criteria for your design must contain at least 2 of the following:

  • Promote sustainable transport
  • Use environmentally friendly materials
  • Interactive to the public (seating, workshops, activities)
  • Artistic Installation
  • Bike parking (limited mobile bike parking available)

Please refer to the guidlelines and licence. The essential idea of parking day is to use the space in an alternative way in which it is normally used i.e. excludes cars. Advertising in a limited way is allowed naming the group/company is acceptable e.g. space organised by community xyz, supported by Bord Gais Energy. References to any specific products, offers, discounts are not allowed.


Proposals will be evaluated by the T&MF on innovation, creative use of space, green aspect etc.

How will you benefit?

The winning group/individual, as decided by the TMF committee, will be awarded the opportunity to turn their design into a reality.The winners will receive media promotion and a parking space for the day to transform. A public vote will decide on the winning design which will go forward to create a permanent park space should funding become available. Winners will be notified by the end of the 1st week of September 2014.

How to enter?

Please submit a one A4 page outline which should include a sketch/drawing of your design to by Friday 29th August 2014. Please include your contact details.