Mix Your Mode 2016

Cork commuters urged to join the Mix Your Mode movement


DKANE 13/03/2015REPRO FREE in Kent Station for the launch of Cork Mix Your Mode Week.Cork Mix Your Mode Week starts on 23rd March and gets us thinking about different travel choices especially with the nice bright mornings now  – maybe leave the car at home for at least one morning and instead take the bus, train or bike or get the Park & Ride and let some else worry about parking. Check out the timetables and you could be pleasantly surprised.Pic Darragh Kane

Mix Your Mode’s public awareness campaign runs from the 11th – 17th April 2016.

The campaign is an initiative of the Transport and Mobility Forum that encourages the use of alternative and sustainable modes of transport.

In a society dominated by single occupant vehicles, now more than ever, there is a greater emphasis on the importance of mixing our modes of transport to become more competitive as an economy.

By choosing to use sustainable transport such as; walking, cycling, carpooling and catching a train or bus to school, college, work or for leisure, people can make significant savings and lead healthier lifestyles while reducing their carbon footprint

A number of fun and exciting events will take place throughout Mix Your Mode week, including a competitive challenge, the Race to Cobh, on Friday 15th April. People  will race by different modes including bus & train, cycle & ferry and cycling from the City Centre to Cobh. Do get in touch if you wish to join in the competition.

There will also be Cycle Safety Training on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning at Connaught Avenue. A lunchtime cycle from the Mercy Hospital to Cork University Hospital on Wednesday starting at 1pm sharp from the Bike Scheme station at the Mercy, will give people an opportunity to try out a quieter route, some intermediary pick up points will operate along the route.

This year there will be “Thoughts for the Day” focusing on a different mode of Transport each day of the week, commencing with the theme of travelling by Bus. Stephan Koch, Chairperson of the Transport and Mobility Forum, encouraged all those who can to join the Mix Your Mode movement – “Cork city and county has a diverse range of good quality and reliable transport services that give commuters many alternative options to travelling alone by car. The Forum is dedicated to helping not just commuters but communities to successfully improve the sustainability of their transport networks which will result in a more vibrant, liveable and sustainable city and county to live and work in.”

If you are already mixing your mode to commute we would love to hear from you as you may wish to be an ambassador for sustainable commuting.

There will also be opportunities during the week to avail of some giveaways such as daily Park & Ride Vouchers and LEAP Cards for Under 16s courtesy of Cork City Council and Bus Eireann. 

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Mix Your Mode Journey Planner

To coincide with the start of Mix Your Mode week, on Monday 23rd March 2015, Cork County Council launched their new website based Journey Planner.  Developed through the EU Atlantic Area funded BATTERIE project, the Mix Your Mode Journey Planner located at www.mixyourmode.ie is optimised for use on mobile devices such as smartphones. It allows for the planning of a trip by public transport, cycling or with the use of an electric vehicle either in real-time or at a defined departure time. The Journey Planner embodies the message of Cork’s Transport and Mobility Forum’s Mix Your Mode campaign which encourages people to try a more sustainable mode of travel.IMG_1955

This is the first Journey Planner specific to Cork that allows you to choose between the modes of transport you want to use, informing that decision with a carbon emissions calculator.

The software behind the journey planner allows for the regular updating of mapping and other data as more and more infrastructure and services become available, ensuring the planner gives the most accurate options available.