Mix Your Mode 2019 Competition


Mix Your Mode 2019 Competition­­­

Do you use different modes of travel (Walk, Cycle, Scoot, Skateboard, Park+Stride, Park+Ride, Park+Pool, Carpool, Bus, Train, etc.) to get around your local area? Send us a video or artwork showing your journey. Get Active! Get Creative! And help show the people of Cork how you can leave your car at home and MIX YOUR MODE!!

Why take part?

Sustainable travel is a key element of a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly place to live. It helps its citizens be more active, have cleaner air and reduce transport related carbon emissions. Did you know that 21% of greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland come from the Transport sector? By reducing our reliance on the private car and increasing the use of sustainable and active travel modes, Ireland can have a smaller Carbon Footprint and help combat Climate Change. By taking part in this competition, you are making a difference to your local community and the world.

All entries will be showcased on the TMF website and social media as well as at the Mix Your Mode Seminar in March and will therefore make a strong impact on the local community. Students will develop their Creative Skills and enhance their Team Working abilities. Winning groups will receive prizes like Action Cameras, Bike Equipment and Travel Vouchers (Rail, Bus, Leapcards).

When and how to submit?

  • Open to all students (Primary, Post-Primary and Third level)
  • Students will work in small groups (2-6 people)
  • The deadline for submissions is Friday 8th of March 2019
  • Submit your entry by email to the following:  tmfcork@gmail.com
  • Winning groups will be announced on Friday 22nd March 2019

Any questions?

Please contact Sandy on 086 1067588 or email tmfcork@gmail.com for support.

MYM 2019 Competition Poster